Amazing pictures of HARRY POTTER
 A still from harry potter 3. Three images combined side by side and a dark background to raisae the feeling of the person seeing the image.
 A really interesting photography in the above image by making it much more presentable in the left image only half face is covered while right one shows full. Digital photography depends much on new idea, creation and presentation.
 A image showing the different looks of daniel radcliffe and how different he looks when he was younger and now.
 Recognise something black flying in the background these are the dementors which were introduced in harry potter 3. The idea of dementors were much related to ghosts in the picture but one thing special was added to and it was the idea of cold feeling and taking away the happiness and coming of sorrow,sadness coming in contact of such dementor.
 A still from harry potter 3 prisoner of azkaban showing harry performing an patronus charm to move the dementors away. Since the background is dark and the light is emitting only from wand and the expressions are so real from daniel radcliffe the image looks so much appealing.
 A still from harry potter 3 prisoner of azkaban. The background of the image has been changed by animation to make picture more eye catching and raisae the interest of the person seeing it.
 A image from harry potter 5. The picture covers all the main characters and looks specify the anger for all the wrong things in hogwarts.\


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